Bhartiya Jan Seva Ashram

Dalit Empowerment

Dalits are the most disadvantageous section of the society and are continuously exploited. BJSA aims at their empowerment through sustainable efforts for their uplift. The organisation is carrying out the activities to bring social, political and economic change among the dalit community.

The youths in the area are provided training to develop leadership qualities among them. They are trained on the issues related to self development, group formation and group work, information on government schemes, special provisions for persons belonging to SC, ST and dalits, Right to Information, etc. As information is power; for effective leadership they are updated through providing information.

BJSA has brought out a bulletin 'Dalit Dastan' being published thrice every year. The bulletin comprises articles and write-ups on issues affecting dalits and especially the women struggles. The villagers and the people associated the organisation contribute to the articles. Besides being a source of information, the bulletin also serves the target groups an opportunity to read and write.

BJSA has a well organised cultural team which travels to nearby villages and stages various developmental themes related to education, health, governance, schemes, social change, etc. through songs and street plays.

Every year on February 13 and 14, on the occasion of Dr BR Ambedkar Jayanti, seminars and training programmes are organised to make the people realise the dreams of this great personality about getting educated, developing a sense of self-esteem and equality, to be organised, to struggle and obtaining a right place in the society.

Daulat Ram, Founder Secretary

daulat homeStrongly influenced by Dr BR Ambedkar, the BJSA founder secretary Daulat Ram had a passion for social work since childhood. So, he remained in the village even though he had the chance to go out of his village.

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