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Thursday, 03 June 2010 14:03
Development is viewed as a process of empowerment requiring people's participation. Therefore, BJSA gives importance to the formation and strengthening of Community Based Organisations (CBOs). CBOs and PRIs work together at the village level. Women are also considered in its interventions as they are the main agents of social change. It organises trainings, workshops, etc. to strengthen the capacities of the community and rope in lobbying, advocacy and networking as methodologies to lend efficacy to its activities.

Current interventions:

  • Dalit Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Enhancing Education
  • Entitlement and Right to Work
  • Organisation Development
  • Healthcare and Awareness
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Daulat Ram, Founder Secretary

daulat homeStrongly influenced by Dr BR Ambedkar, the BJSA founder secretary Daulat Ram had a passion for social work since childhood. So, he remained in the village even though he had the chance to go out of his village.

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