Bhartiya Jan Seva Ashram

Daulat Ram, Founder Secretary

daulat pageStrongly influenced by Dr BR Ambedkar, the BJSA founder secretary Daulat Ram had a passion for social work since childhood. So, he remained in the village even though he had the chance to go out of his village.

During his early childhood, he realised what exploitation, untouchability and oppression mean. At that time, he experienced the wrath of upper caste people in the village in many ways. His family was not allowed to fetch water from the village well, just because they were dalits. Even his community people were not allowed to wear shoes and walk on the road where the upper caste people used to walk. This kind of repeated humiliation made him stronger.

From his very childhood he had a deep-rooted feeling that the society has dual standards, which is main cause of hatred and violence. He believed that social change can only be possible with the change in the lives of poor and marginalised people.

After completing his graduation, Daulat Ram joined Poorvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI) in Ghazipur district and worked extensively with it on dalit issues. Experience gained during his stint with PRDTI came handy when the idea of forming BJSA took shape.

During the initial phase of BJSA, the poor and socially disadvantaged people were mobilised so they could gain access, influence decisions and use the available resources effectively for elevating their status. As a result of BJSA’s work now dalits in the operational area have access to better social and economical services and are living in a more harmonious environment.

But the challenges before the target community are many. The struggle continues in the guidance of Daulat Ram.