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Ensuring Job Cards and Ration Cards

During a survey of slum for dalits of Kasturipur gram sabha in Margupur gram panchayat in January 2009, it was found that their job cards and ration cards were not made till date, even though the village was selected as Ambedkar village for the previous year.

BJSA workers provided this information to the BDO and other employees. The very next day, BDO visited the village along with his team to know the situation. Organisation workers also accompanied them. They found that there is a shortage both of job cards as well as ration cards. The BDO issued orders to his employees to make the ration cards and job cards within one month. Within next 12 days 63 job cards and 48 ration cards were made. Within a short period a total of 103 job cards and 63 ration cards were issued.

All this became possible through the advocacy efforts of the organisation.

Daulat Ram, Founder Secretary

daulat homeStrongly influenced by Dr BR Ambedkar, the BJSA founder secretary Daulat Ram had a passion for social work since childhood. So, he remained in the village even though he had the chance to go out of his village.

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